Winning Cappers

1. There is no compensation given when a profit has been made. Even if our guys go 1-1, but hit a +125 underdog and lose a -120 favorite, that means you made a profit of 5 units and the guarantee is not applied. On the reverse, if your handicapper fails to make any profit at all you will be compensated. Compensation for packages consists of a credit placed in your account for the paid cash value of the package you bought at that time. For subscriptions, we renew the same subscription one-time only for no cost to you. See more details on subscriptions below on #7.

2. All plays are graded on 100 unit intervals, even if the handicapper has 1* on the game that wins and 25* on a game that loses.

3. You will receive a credit to your account in the amount equal to what the paid cash value was on any losing packages, no matter how much you lost on the package that you bought. Back to back losing days will happen, but our site does not offer more than the paid cash value for any losing package. If you give up after a short term of losses then we wish you all of the best trying to find a better group of handicapping services out there that will win for you over the long run.

4. Credits received for any losses can be used at anytime on any handicapper of your choice, you do not need to use it on the same handicapper that lost. Your credit will be applied towards the cost of any package or subscription you purchase next. If that package or subscription is less than your credit, that purchase will be free and the remaining unused credit will stay in your account for future purchases.

5. Postponed or canceled games .If you purchased a package and the game was postponed or canceled, then you will receive the very next play in that sport from that handicapper for free. This does not apply to subscriptions.See #8.

6. All of our plays are graded on the odds selected by the handicapper. These lines are based off of our live feed that is taken directly from eight of the best online sportsbooks around. Line movements happen and more often than not you will see the line going in an unfavorable direction since our handicappers are on the “smart” side of games. Unfortunately during football if you wait until Saturday or Sunday then you are going to be worse off than if you buy early in the week.

7. All Subscriptions are guaranteed with the exception of 6 month and 1 year terms. The buy now button on all our subscriptions are clearly marked as guaranteed on all those that are. Those that are guranteed will will be extended one time only for the same time period as that subscription, essentially giving you a free subscription to replace the losing one. Subscriptions are provided from our handicappers at a significant discount as compared to their other packages. Please keep this in mind before buying a subscription.

8. Handicappers do pass (no picks posted) on occasion. With subscriptions you are purchasing a time period and you get whatever picks they release in that time period. You may not get picks every day in that time period especially if you purchased access to a single sport. Keep in mind the schedule when purchasing a subscription, for example you don't want to purchase a 3 day NFL subscription on a Tuesday because Thursday maybe the only day that has an NFL play.

The reason for this policy is that we want to turn you into a serious investor, which means riding out the winning and losing streaks over the course of a full season betting all of our releases on a daily basis. We don’t want you to go on tilt and press your bets if you hit a small slump, but instead be the kind of player that can focus on the long term.
Our seasonal subscribers make the most money off our of selections, but if you just want some temporary help and signup for a short term package then we will do all we can to assist you in beating the sportsbooks.
Policy last updated: 02/03/2023 05:10:30 EST