Winning Cappers

   WCR:  The idea here was to come up with a system that finds you the best handicapper for your money. This rating system is very simple breaks down the actual return on your investment per unit suggested by the handicapper. All the stats on our site are based of a wager to win $100 per suggested unit. By doing it this way you get an equal comparison regardless of the number of games played or the average units suggested by each handicapper.

The problem with the conventional methods used by most sports monitors and that is the earned units, or ROI. Whether its based on amount wagered or amount to win the results are deceiving and more importantly it tends to leave out some very good handicapper services. Lets take the example below where both cappers play $100 to win per units suggested over 10 days,

      Handicapper A: 21 wins, 9 losses, ROI: $1110   
      Handicapper B: 108 wins, 92 losses, ROI: $3400

Handicapper A played 30 games at 1 unit per game and hit 70% where Handicapper B played 200 games at 5 units per game and hit only 54%. Now keep in mind that you have to play all the suggested games to get the same results so if your bankroll is large enough to stake  $11,000 each day across 20 games then by all means use handicapper B because you do win more money but at a very high risk. Handicapper A is the clear choice if your looking for a good return at a fairly low risk. Problem is you probably would never see that handicapper in the top 20 of any sports monitor service because he isn't accumulating enough units to compete with guys playing way too many games per day. If you don't see him, then you don't even know he's there to select him.

   WCR rating is an invaluable tool in finding a good handicapper service among a long list as well as our handicapper side-by-side comparison tool which breaks down and compares how your money would be invested by each service your considering. This also shows important factors such as what type of wagers does the handicapper tend to make. Do they play a lot of -110 to -130 moneylines or do they play a lot of -195 to -275 or even greater? These are the type of things you need to know before investing and our site along with the WCR rating sorts all that out for you.