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Alan Cashman
    I pride myself on being one of the most Disciplined and Transparent Cappers in the Betting Industry.  There are plenty of Cappers that will send you 4 or 5 Picks everyday.  I am not a volume bettor where you throw 4 or 5 Picks at the wall each day ... more
Bam Bam Sports Services
    Dr. Bob Akmens & BASports have been around since 1978.  Among their accomplishments are: Las Vegas Handicapper of the Year;  the only sports service to ever finish with over 70% winners in both college & NFL football in the same year, beating out 121 others in a national ... more
Bet One Picks
    We are a private group of professional handicappers and private sports investors our specialty is the five major sports (NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NBA & NCAAB) our private professional's are from all across the USA. Our group's goal is and will always be long term success in sports betting ... more
Big Reno Rick
    "MR. 60%" winners per the Sports Monitor, Inc: - 2022 MARCH MADNESS (7-2 78%) .. #1 RANK - 2021 NBA (19-6-1 76%) ... #1 RANK - 2021 NHL HOCKEY (18-12 60%) ... #1 RANK - 2020 NFL (29-11-1 63.3%) ... #2 RANK - 2020 NFL PLAYOFFS (3-2 60%) ... #5 RANK - 2019 NFL ... more
Book Breaker
    Customers can find all my releases in MLB, Pro and College Football, and Pro and College Basketball right here. With over 20 years of professional sports gambling experience. I use the perfect blend of emotional, statistical, technical, and match up analysis to make every play I release to ... more
C-Stars Sports
    At C-Stars Sports we specialize in Pro and College football, Pro and College basketball as well as baseball. We are a sports information service that provides its members with the top rated daily picks against the Sports Line of professional football, baseball and basketball games. At C-Stars Sports ... more
Craig Patrick Sports
    I started gambling at a young and tender age on the streets running parlay cards like most of us started. I run a sport handicap industry at a few private locations and have made lots of money betting on sports and picking the right odds on my entire ... more
Damian Sosh
    Damian Sosh has been crushing the books for well over a decade and now he is making his investments available to you. Damian has always known that sports would be involved in his life one way or another. Like many of us, he grew up playing and loving ... more
Dionne D'Amico
    Dionne D’Amico “The First Lady of Las Vegas” Dubbed, “The First Lady of Las Vegas,” this female sports betting icon began her successful career at a very early age. Growing up in Cicero, Illinois, as a young girl of just 11 or 12 years old, she ran coffee and ... more
Doc's Sports
    Doc’s Sports is proud to be recognized as one of the leaders and most trusted names in this industry. We have built this reputation with honesty and hard work, and we will always continue to tell it like it is. It's very important, regardless if you use our ... more
      EW SPORTS PICKS Professional Sports Investor Since 1985 "Only Investor In The Country, That Wagers Every Play He Gives His Clients" ... more
Glen McNeil Sports
    Glen McNeil was born and raised right outside of Boston.  He has been betting on professional sports since the 90's.  By relying on numerous handicapping methods, Glen continues to beat the pointspread on a consistent basis in both college and pro football, college and pro basketball and baseball. Glen ... more
Griffin Murphy
    Professional Trader to Professional Sports Handicapper. Some may look at my profile and be Frightened at the fact that I'm a Young Man. Some May think I have less Experience than Others.  I am just 26 Years old. I have Been Professionally Trading the Stock Market, The Foreign Exchange Market and ... more
James Patrick Sports
    “Big Game James” began his professional sports handicapping career as Research Editor for the Playbook Football Yearbook in 1977. Since then, James has become a consistent winner in all four major sports, best known for his highly profitable ‘Pot of Gold Plays’. He also earned a reputation as ... more
Jeff Hochman
    Now in year #24, Jeff Hochman of JH-Sportsline has become one of the most successful and well-respected handicappers in the entire Nation. Jeff is also a published sports writer, covering everything from Football to Horse Racing. Jeff has his selections documented by the The Sports Monitor of OK. During that ... more
Jesse Schule
    Who is Jesse Schule? He’s no soothsayer and he doesn’t have a crystal ball, but Jesse Schule can indeed predict the future. As a professional handicapper, it’s actually part of his job description. His clients have accused him of secretly possessing Marty McFly’s Sports Almanac, but he tells us ... more
Joe D'Amico
    Joe D'Amico is a streetwise professional sports bettor that has utilized his many sources and connections in the odds-making, sportsbook, and sports betting circles to become one of the most respected handicappers and gamblers in the world. Joe D'Amico owns and operates All American Sports in Las Vegas, Nevada. ... more
John Ryan Sports
    John Ryan founded a state of the art technology company in 1995 and has been handicapping professional sports for over 26 years. He has either won or placed in the Top-10 in dozens of contests. 1. 9-of-10 last NFL season has made his clients profits 2. 57% ATS All Sports ... more
Kevin Thomas
      My name is Kevin Thomas and I've been capping for well over 17 years and in that time ive learned one thing how to be successful ,  I served four years in the military and still studied physical therapy making several friends on small D1 schools.  I give out ... more
Kyle Hunter
    Kyle Hunter is an up and coming handicapper with a great amount of experience breaking down the game in every single manner possible. A degree in finance and a great ability to follow important trends and statistics set him apart from the rest. The data and the trends ... more
Lou Lacerda
          I first started working for a capper behind the scenes doing it through email.   He was solid on some sports, while I was better at others.  Years of learning Vegas Lines and forging friendships with other cappers,  it became the beginning of a career ... more
Marc Lawrence
    Marc is a 45-year veteran of the sports handicapping industry, having won more documented Top-10 handicapping achievement awards than anyone in the nation - including winning the STARDUST INVITATIONAL FOOTBALL INVITATIONAL in 2005. He publishes the PLAYBOOK Football Preview Guide magazine - in its 29th year this season ... more
Matt Fargo Sports
    219-173-3 +$28,100 in 2023 YTD ~ 259-200-3 Hoops Run ~ 133-107-2 CBB and 87-56-1 NBA Runs 19-8 NBA run after 5-0 Tuesday/Wednesday Sweep and we remain RED HOT at the right time with the playoffs looming. Fargo is now on 58-35-1 and 79-52-1 NBA runs and is ready to ... more
Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander is the Founder and Head Handicapper of Alexander Sports. Mr. Alexander has been handicapping sports (NFL Football Picks, College Football Picks, NBA Basketball Picks, College Basketball Picks, NHL Hockey Picks, and MLB Baseball Picks) for over 20 years and holds numerous top 10 handicapping rankings and ... more
Mikey Balhan Sports
    Mikey Balhan  Ever since I was a little boy collecting baseball cards I have been into sports stats. My keys to winning have been Discipline Patience and Money Management. I believe in Quality over Quantity when selecting a play. You will not see a lot of selections from me ... more
Mikey Sports
    Mikey Sports Uses a System of Power Ratings for Each Sport. This Combined with Trend Analysis, Stats, and Line Value Makes for the Perfect Combo to Ensure That YOU WIN BIG! Mikey's System Gives Out A Power Rating of 3-10 Units, Depending on Sport, Stats, SOS, Etc. Mikey ... more
Nick Hub
    EXECUTING THE EDGE Sports Pick Hub has emerged as one of the top and most consistent sports services and propelled to the upper echelon of the industry. Founder and Owner, Nick Hub, started Sports Pick Hub in Pennsylvania where he has been running the business as lead handicapper. In this business, sports are ... more
Nick Menken
    My name is Nick Menken, 26 years old. From Chicago Illinois, former Division 1 Athlete turned into Professional Handicapper. After playing baseball at Virginia Tech and the University of Illinois, I found another passion off the field. Analytical sports capping. I run complex statists to have the edge ... more
Oskeim Sports
    Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC was established in 2007 and is an internationally recognized sports handicapping service that provides sports bettors with an unparalleled return on investment. Its lead handicapper and the firm's CEO, Jeff Keim, has received 73 distinguished awards in football, basketball, baseball and hockey, including 15 ... more
Platinum Sports Investments
    Brian Bitler has worked as a professional handicapper full-time since 2012, and has amassed a large clientele of big bettors.  Before Brian moved to the handicapping side of the fence, he worked as an oddsmaker behind the counter for several bookmakers to create and adjust the lines to ... more
Pure Lock
    Pure Lock was started back in THE YEAR 2000 and has been a Successful Business from the beginning. Pure Lock is a service that believes that Quality over Quantity is the way to go when INVESTING in Sports. *OTHERS HAVE TRIED TO USE A SIMILAR SYSTEM BUT OUR INVESTING PHILOSOPHY ... more
R&R Totals
    R&R Totals Works with Over-Unders Only. Usually Having Only ONE Over-Under Per Day Per Sport, R&R Deals with Stats, Trends, and PR'S for "Totals" only. If You Are Looking For Quality At Even Money or Better, Look No Further! R&R Will Be At The Top Of The Leaderboards ... more
Red Dog Sports
    RED DOG SPORTS is a sports handicapping service based in Virginia that has been in business for 25 years. Plays will be posted in all sports and most plays will be between 5 and 10 units. ... more
Reno Jonny Jorcin
    Reno Jonny has been in the industry for just over 3 years and has already been featured on the most reputable handicapping service available. Currently ranked #1 in profits on VI. Reno Jonny handicaps MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB, MMA. There is no computer system or gimmick. He looks ... more
Ricky Tran
    Who is Ricky Tran?   Ricky Tran's destiny has always been sports betting. The "Baby Faced Assassin" was exposed to the horse racing and gaming industry from a very early age through his family's involvement. It was there that Ricky learned the basics of handicapping and wagering. His experience was ... more
Rob Vinciletti
    $$ 2 TIME OVERALL MLB LEADER AND 3 TIMES on Sides $$   ^^ Out of 90+ cappers MOST wont accomplish this once ^ ^   $$ ADDED BONUS WITH MLB SEASONAL INCLUDES ALL NBA THROUGH THE FINALS!   Rob Vinciletti 2023 MLB Package. Rob was #1 OVERALL in 2022 on SIDES.  Rob is ... more
Robbie Gainous
    Robbie Gainous is the lead handicapper at Cajun-Sports. Robbie has been handicapping sports professionally since 1989 with clients around the world. Robbie won the 26th Annual Vegas Wise Guys Contest taking 1st Place against 49 of the best handicappers in the nation. Robbie’s record in the contest was 24-12 ATS ... more
Roc Sheridan
    Roc Sheridan is a Professional Sports Bettor.  Roc has been investing in the sports market for over 20 years. Roc has had Big Winning Seasons in Major League Baseball. Top 5 Finishes in College Basketball in 2008, 2009, 2010 and in 2011. Several Top 10 Finishes in College and NFL Football. Roc relies heavily on ... more
Rocketman Sports
    My Handicapping and Betting Philosophy: I use my own unique power ratings for each sport along with trend analysis, stats and line value. I take a different approach for every sport I handicap. Keep in mind that you should think long-term profit. You’re not going to win every ... more
Rockys Lock Club
    Lock Club has been in business since November 2005 and has made MAJOR, MAJOR money for tons of clients. Lock Club consists of 4 handicappers. The 4 MLB cappers will differ from the 4 NFL cappers, etc... Only the best! I am one of the cappers for each ... more
Ryan Moss
    My handicapping philosophy is based on a disciplined and selective approach. Hard work is essential and something I pride myself on. I am more than willing to put in the time and effort it takes to win. While handicapping, I go through every game looking for value. I try ... more
SportsBook Breakers
    SportsBook Breakers is an analytical-driven handicapper who had used statistical analysis and extensive sports expertise to drive over a decade of handicapping success. In recent seasons, Kyle (Vince) Akins of SportsBook Breakers has demonstrated his handicapping success . He has earned documented of season money leader in the MLB, ... more
Stonewall Sports
    Welcome to Stonewall Sports ... A Professional Sports Information Service featuring Richard Becker, the HANDICAPPING CHAMPION IN BOTH BASEBALL AND FOOTBALL, as documented by The Sports Monitor, Inc. of Oklahoma and Sports-Watch Monitor. I have been handicapping for 40 years and have been selling my picks, as a professional, over the last ... more
The Whale Club
    Have you ever heard of "Whale" players? These players are considered High Rollers. They bet HUGE amounts of money on games and in casinos. We are known as "The Whale Club." This Club has been very secretive and exclusive until now as we are making our picks available ... more
Wacky Sports
    Talk is Cheap. SUCCESS Is The Noise What You Have Done Lately:. Consistent Bankroll Management with Quality over Quantity can Financially change your lifestyle. Control your emotions, and Get our daily plays to prove this theory. Our built Models in MLB, NFL, NCAAF, and CBB Dawgs has been consistely ... more
Wesley Scott
    Wes Scott is heating up. Take a look at my NFL and NCAA Hoops plays. ... more
Wilson Cole Sports
    Wilson Cole Has Been Dominating Stats and has been following sports for over 25 years now. His Sports Picks have depth analysis on why he likes the games he picks. He keeps a real good eye on everything going on in the sports world like a hawk. especially ... more