Winning Cappers


      Below are the results from our all expert handicappers. Here we breakdown each of our quality sports handicapper's results to help guide you towards those that fit your needs the best. You can see who is on a hot streak and who is not.

Sort these handicappers by whichever statistic is most relevant to you. Use our WCR rating to help find the handicapper that presents the lowest risk with the highest return on your money.

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Handicapper ProfitWin %WinLossWCR
1Rob Vinciletti75570.0056%65951110.1   
2Robbie Gainous39536.0058%27220010.3   
3John Ryan Sports26601.0053%4263754.1   
4Lou Lacerda17616.0052%3192942.8   
5Platinum Sports Investments11447.0052%6005611.0   
6Rockys Lock Club7373.0054%3092632.2   
7SportsBook Breakers6482.0055%4313561.0   
8Kyle Hunter5864.0053%2892523.4   
9BIG RENO RICK5848.0059%422913.2   
11Roc Sheridan3373.0054%2822410.8   
12BAM BAM SPORTS SERVICES3108.0051%4854710.5   
13Jesse Schule2943.0055%2171751.9   
14Mikey Sports2938.0052%2222020.8   
15STONEWALL SPORTS2438.0054%38336.0   
16Alan Cashman2024.0068%251227.4   
17Ryan Moss1854.0058%191412.0   
18Marc Lawrence1220.0053%1951721.0   
19Ej Rainmaker583.0050%1471450.4   
20The Whale Club370.0053%69600.3   
21Book Breaker324.0053%3292870.2   

Profit based on wagering to win $100 per suggested unit.
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